Symphony of cultures

visual chronicle of Cordoba – part 1 (photography)

Ignacio Mínguez, listo para empezar a crear cursos a medida relacionados con la actualidad digital


Welcome to Córdoba, a city rich in history and heritage! In this project, you will have the opportunity to explore and capture the essence of this ancient city through your lens. For two weeks, you will immerse yourself in the architectural and cultural beauty of Córdoba, working on a unique project that will culminate in a visual exhibition.

Portada Sinfonía de Culturas. Paisaje de Córdoba con título del proyecto y objetivo de cámara digital

The project

Initial Considerations

We invite you to immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of Cordoba through architectural photography. Each image you capture will tell a story, reflecting the traces of the various civilisations that have left their mark on the city.

participants, protagonists

The project is aimed at Erasmus+ photographers from Hungary. During their stay, they will have the opportunity to capture the essence of Cordoba and improve their photographic skills.


The main objective is that you, Erasmus students with a passion for photography, get to know Cordoba in depth and enjoy your passion in one of the richest cities in the world in terms of cultural heritage.

Welcome to the “Symphony of Cultures” Project

It is a pleasure to have you here in Cordoba to embark on this unique photographic journey. Our project, “Symphony of Cultures”, is divided into two parts and the first one starts right now.

Part One: Taking Photographs

Over the next two weeks, you will have the opportunity to capture the essence of Cordoba through your lenses. We will focus on the main monuments, streets and buildings that represent the rich cultural heritage of this city. This assignment is not only a technical exercise, but also an opportunity to tell stories through your photographs.

Focus and Photographic Techniques

We want you to apply the photographic techniques you have studied, but also to bring a fresh and personal vision. Experiment with natural light, long exposure, black and white, and different perspectives. Look for angles and moments that not only show the beauty of the places, but also convey their history and soul.

Storytelling Aplicado a la Fotografía

Photography is a powerful storytelling tool. Every image you capture should tell a story. Think about how you can use visual elements to convey the history of the place and its cultural significance. For example:

  • Context: Capture the environment surrounding the monument: how does it interact with the urban or natural landscape? What details tell us about its history?
  • Emotions: Look for moments that evoke emotions. Light, shadow, people interacting with the space can all contribute to an emotional narrative.
  • Perspective: Play with angles and composition. Sometimes an unusual view can offer a new interpretation of a familiar place.
  • Details: Don’t forget the little details. Often, it is these that add depth to the story of an image.

Outcome and Exposure

At the end of the project, all your photographs will be exhibited both on physical support and in an interactive gallery on this website. Each image will be accompanied by your full name, ensuring that the authorship never ceases to be yours. This is your project and each photograph will be a testament to your talent and vision.

I am here as project manager to support and guide you through the city, but you provide your vision, the irreplaceable eye of the photographer. Listen to the city, let its ancient whispers inspire you and tell its story through your camera. Good luck and enjoy the journey!

Mapa de la posición solar de Córdoba sobre el río, Puente Romano y Mezquita. Captura de pantalla de la app que veréis a continuación

Capture the perfect light

You will see that some days we will meet in the morning and others in the evening to avoid the central hours of the day. To help you plan your photography, I recommend this online tool:

You can select the day on the calendar and see the exact time of sunrise and sunset, and even the position of the sun at sunrise! This way you can enjoy Cordoba safely and make the most of your stay.

I leave you the app embedded in this section:

Calendar of Meetings

(First draft. Subject to changes and adjustments)

Monday – 08/07/24 – Presentation (11:00)

Tuesday – 09/07/24 – Jewish Cordoba

The first meeting point will be the Puerta de Almodóvar. We will visit the Jewish quarter and enter the old Jewish quarter of the city.

Wednesday – 10/07/24 – From the Past to the Present Old Town

We meet again at the Puerta de Almodóvar but this time, we will go down towards the Mosque-Cathedral, the Roman Bridge, the Calahorra and we will finish at the Andalusian Centre of Contemporary Art.

Thursday – 11/07/24 – Paseo de la Ribera

We will leave the Alcazar Caliph Baths to go to the river and walk along the Paseo de la Ribera. From the Guadalcabrillas Tower to the Miraflores Park.


Having already visited the Jewish Quarter, the Mosque area and the Ribera, today we will go into the city centre. We will start from the entrance of the Corte Inglés in Ronda de los Tejares street and we will finish in the Plaza de las Canas.

Saturday – 13/07/24

After four intense days exploring the rich history and cultural diversity of Cordoba, from the hidden corners of the Jewish Quarter to the majesty of the Mosque-Cathedral, comes a well-deserved rest.

This Saturday, we invite you to relax, to relive the moments captured through your photographs and to enjoy the city at your own pace. Stroll through its streets full of charm, discover corners that surprise you, and let the light of the sunset guide you on your own photographic adventure.

Remember, the sun in Cordoba is intense, so always seek shade and avoid the central hours of the day.

Sunday – 14/07/24

Sunday is the time to recharge your batteries. Enjoy a well-deserved rest, either exploring the city or simply enjoying the peace and quiet of your accommodation.

Let your mind rest and get ready to resume the project with new ideas and perspectives. Remember, a rested body and mind are the key to renewed creativity.

Monday – 15/07/24 – A stroll through the city

We start the week by meeting at the Roman Temple next to the Town Hall. From there we will go back through the Corredera and the Plaza de las Cañas as our destination is the Plaza del Potro and the museums that surround it. We will walk along the street parallel to the riverbank to the Patio de las Campanas, the Faculty of Law and finish in the Plaza de la Magdalena.

Tuesday – 16/07/24 – Legend and religion

We depart from the Corte Inglés. We will walk along the emblematic street Ronda de los Tejares to the Plaza de Colón and the Palacio de la Merced. We will see the Torre de la Malmuerta and continue with a small tour of the churches and parishes in the area.

Wednesday – 17/07/24 – Walls and history

We will start our walk at the central fountain in the Parque Colón. We’ll take a look at the Cristo de los Faroles, go down the Cuesta del Bailío and head along cobbled streets to the Fuente de la Piedra Escrita and, beyond that, we’ll walk along the Muralla del Marrubial to Avda Barcelona.

Thursday – 18/07/24

Cordoba still has a lot to offer. During the past few days of intense work, ideas may arise, places that have caught your attention or places that you would like to visit again at your own pace.

This day is the opportunity to continue discovering the city at your own pace. We can get lost in its narrow streets, visit some of its monuments or simply enjoy and try to capture with your camera the unique atmosphere of the city in one of its squares or terraces.

Cordoba is a city to be enjoyed with all five senses, so don’t hesitate to try its gastronomy, listen to its music and let yourself be carried away by its charm.

Make the most of this day to put the icing on the cake of your project. You decide the route.

Friday – 19/07/24

[Coming soon]

Important notice

July is a month of high temperatures in Cordoba.

We want to make sure that you enjoy the activity, enjoy your stay to the fullest and stay cool and healthy.

Here are some necessary considerations.

Precautions for a Cordovan Summer

  • Constant hydration: Always carry a bottle of water and drink regularly, even if you don’t feel thirsty.
  • Light, breathable clothing: Opt for light-coloured, loose-fitting cotton or linen clothing.
  • Hat and sunglasses: Protect your head and eyes from the intense sun.
  • Sunscreen: Apply high factor sunscreen before going out and reapply every few hours.
  • Avoid the middle of the day: Try to be active outdoors in the early morning or late afternoon when the sun is less intense.
  • Seek shade: Rest in cool, shady places during the hottest hours.
  • Light meals: Opt for fresh fruits, vegetables and salads.
  • Enjoy the siesta! It’s a Spanish tradition that will help you rest and avoid the midday heat.

If you feel unwell:

  • Find a cool, shady place.
  • Drink cool water slowly.
  • Cool your body with wet cloths.
  • If symptoms persist, seek medical attention.

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